2 Face reveal reasons for the 5th of February Nigerian Federal Government Protest.#WeWillProtest

The singer reveal reasons for His Highly Publicized Nigerian Federal Government Protest planned for the 5th of February Protest tagged ‘A Call For Good Governance’.


“I am blessed to have a platform that allows me to reach a lot of people at a time. I believe this voice also comes with a responsibility to use it to speak up for my people. So, when I received the broadcasts that had been going round for some days calling for protests against the state of the country I posted it in a show of support.
My intention was never to take credit for the movement but rather amplify the voices of the credited with the widely circulated message.

To my colleagues that have joined their voices to this call, thank you for showing the Nigerian people they are not alone. I remain committed to contributing to the well being of my people in any little way I can. One love”

Ride On 2 Baba!! . We all support you!!!.#WeWillProtest